“My experience with Swissreplica.cd and

“My experience with Swissreplica.cd and Tom could not have been better. Tom was extremely helpful, didn’t mind a million pre-sale questions from me, and guided me toward a product that wasn’t necessarily more expensive, but was definitely the best. I read some things on the internet which painted Swissreplica in a pretty negative light, but went ahead with my purchase nonetheless, giving them a chance to prove that wrong. I cannot express how delighted I was when my watch arrived! It is utterly stunning, completely flawless, and has the same look, feel, weight and finish of the gen. Having owned several gen Rolexes over the years, I can testify to the fact it is impossible for me to tell the difference. I will not only shop with Swissreplica.cd again but I have already recommended them to several watch collector friends. Anyone who claims these are not honest guys is not being honest with themselves, and I plan on making that known to anyone who asks. Oh, and yes I am a real person not a shill. Thank you Tom! You under promised and overdelivered!”