“well i just ordered my

“well i just ordered my 6th watch FROM Swissreplica .LET ME TELL YOU FOLKS OUT THERE A true STORY I TOOK ONE of my watches to have a scratch taken off the band {my fault the scratch} to a jeweler and this lady’s husband {the jeweler’s}ask me where i got it from but before i could answer him he had to show me the replica he got from one of his connections, he said it was only $500.00. it looked ok but once his wife took a closer look at mine she said she knew someone that wanted a replica , my replica that is funny her husband can get them for $50.00 but she wanted to buy mine to resell to her friend ,so if that doesn’t speak volumes about the quality of these watches i don’t know what does… so i guess i’ll be hounding the mailman for the next 5days or so….. folks as i’ve written many times before YOU CAN’T GO WRONG on these why take a chance from anyone else.”