18K Gold

Pure 18k Gold & Platinum

Most replica watches today use simple plating on their gold and platinum models. We are the only Swiss replica watch factory in the world to use a way costlier gold and platinum precious metals wrapping process to achieve unsurpassed quality.

It takes us 4 days for Solid pure 18k Gold to bond in multiple layers with each layer cool down before additional layers are applied. With this meticulous process we achieve top unsurpassed quality! What’s more, due to the thickness of all the solid gold layers applied your watch will test positive for solid 18k gold!

This process is NOT to be mistaken with gold plating!

Unlike all other replicas that use gold plating our Swiss made Rolex replica watches feature a 200X more superior to simple plating solid pure 18k Gold and platinum wrap technique that offers life-time durability, will never fade away, its 100% hypoallergenic and even tests positive on solid gold testers!

The benefit or our unique gold wrapping technique is that your watch will look and feel just like genuine solid gold Rolex but without the hefty price tag.

In fact our Swiss Rolex replicas will look and feel like a solid 18 Karat Gold watch that not even a jeweler can tell the difference!

18k Gold
18k Gold
18k Gold