DLC Coating

DCL Protective Coating

We are the only replica watch manufacturer that uses DLC (Diamond Like Coating) protective coating to give our watches extra scratch and ware-resistant properties.

Exclusive to our watches the addition of DLC protectant finish coating adds an extremely hard surface film to guard your watch against possible scratches and corrosive fluids like sweat are sea water.

Our DLC coating protects the watch surface by increasing the degree of harness up to 7000 Vickers! Just consider that 18k Gold has a rating of 400 and 904L steel has a rating of 490 Vickers! With this unique protection your watch is over 14x more scratch resistant than even a genuine Rolex!

The DLC protective coating is chemically added to the steel surface using special DLC infusion chambers. It’s totally transparent and is only a few microns thick so does not change the look or the feel of the watch metal but instead it increases the watch’s durability so it will look as good as new for a lifetime!

Keep in mind that this protection coating is not implemented by any other replica watch manufacturer and it’s used exclusively on our watches.

Dlc Coating
Dlc Coating
Dlc Coating