Frequently Asked Questions

At swissreplica.nu, it is our priority to answer all your questions because questions always help to clear the minds. We compiled a series of question that we often asked. Please check all of them because you will get tons of information, and we hope you will get the answer. Still have any questions in mind, please send us an email or call our Sales Hotline at: +1 469 770 3799

Customers are confused with this one because they often stumble with both terms all at once. Perhaps that is the reason that it is the most asked question by customers. We put it on the top for the same reason.

“Grade 1” are the best replicas that are available in the market and these are limited to a specific period. Replicas that are based on the year before 2009 so you can say the replicas that belong to classic models. For an example, You can only get the “Grade 1” of a “Yachtmaster” because it has no clone model. A Grade 1 model cannot be found in Clone series.

Clones are the better replica models of the watches. These are better than “Grade 1” models because these are products of the latest technology. These are newest style Rolex models that come with the cloned movement. They are even difficult for a jeweler to spot because these are better replica models. We have a lot of cloned models available on the site that is a huge collection. A model cannot be found in “Grade 1” if you can find it in Clones collection so one model cannot be found in both models i.e. “Clones” and “Grade 1”.

You will be amazed to see our fast delivery time. No other Swiss Grade 1 dealer has such perfect delivery and order procedure like swissreplica.cd. We process all orders very fast due to our global presence so you should expect your goods arrive very fast from the time of your order. Delivery time for International orders is 9-14 days so please plan your watch before you order one at swissreplica.cd

Cloned models may take a longer period as compared to Swiss Grade 1 models because they are custom built and may take several weeks. We perfect those cloned models and other special orders for the sake of your perfect watch. Please allow that time because a perfect custom built clone model and you both deserve a sensitive touch of perfection. Both are precious to us, and we don’t compromise on the quality and user experience.

Plan a watch along with your friend or family to save a significant amount. We have discounts up to 30% on Money Transfer Service orders and 5% discount on Bank Wire and Bitcoin orders, so you can always avail this opportunity.

We offer two year’s exclusive warranty to all of our products. More specifically at swissreplica.cd, we got Master Watchmakers that have over 20 years’ experience with Swiss Watches. Our customers are our priority, and we offer this service free of cost to all our customers. We go even further and provide this service to those who might have purchased a watch from somewhere else. In that scenario, do send us an email or contact on the hotline.

No doubt products on our site are replicas of the genuine watches so often customer think that the quality of these replica watches will be similar to other replica stuff on this planet. We want to change your mind a bit on this. You are going to get a Swiss replica watch that is way superior to ordinary replica stuff. We know you are going to get it for a lifetime, so we build it in a way that it will go with you all your life. In case we will sell it on retail stores. These watches can be sold on thousand dollars more than the current price. It is not just our claim. This is a fact because our offered Swiss replica watch is virtually indistinguishable when compared to a genuine Rolex. We provide the same Swiss ETA movement in our watches that many times are incorporated in Genuine Swiss Brands.

Credit cards are way of the payment that is considered the 100% protected mode of payment over the internet. This rule is not for us alone but the rest of the internet. This is not new for online shoppers. They often stumble to the situation, and the outcome always goes in favor of buyer involving nay issue with a transaction. We are “licensed” merchants of Visa and MC for many years and accept all type of credit cards. It is a simple indication that we have clean track record, or we never could survive with it. Our merchant privileges would have been revoked in the scenario having a poor reputation with the transactions.

In other payment methods, we offer Money Transfer Service, Bitcoin and Bank Wire transfer.

It is not just a claim but we guarantee you that it is even safer to purchase from our site than doing a money transaction in real life (not virtually, like going to a merchant and doing a transaction there physically). We secure all the information through a system that is not less than a military-strength encryption and your payment is made directly to our Bank secure payment page.. On the top of that, we offer you to bear the charges on our part if you ever have to go through such a situation. It can never be more than $50 which is a bank fee for such procedure.

The only difference between our Swiss replica Rolex and an original Replica is the Rolex Movement. It’s not a Rolex Movement, so this is how it is different. Who can then spot a difference? It is not possible for someone to detect it until it is opened from the back. Our Swiss replica even has same mechanics as that of Original Rolex i.e. 28,800 vibrations per hour. Our ETA movements are the same when talking about the mechanics. Virtually nobody can spot a different from the outside. Our new Swiss cloned Rolex movements are 100% identical to the genuine and even if opened a jeweler can’t tell the difference.

We would like to mention that these Swiss replica watches are rare. We only manufacture a small quantity each year, so not everyone on this planet is going to get these. Why do we have a small quantity of them? These pieces are individually hand crafted so when you plan to get one of these you will get the perfect one.

This is the glory of high quality because you are going to have the same feelings as that of original Rolex. The weight and look of the watch is as original as Authentic Rolex because manufacturer use the same quality high grade solid stainless steel and genuine 18k gold. 904L stainless steel is used that is the same as they use on the original piece.

At the end, we test all our watches to pressure of 10 bars. Do you know what that means? Our quality Swiss replica watches are waterproof to 100 meters. You can go up to that diving level without any doubt. Our diver models are water tested up to 300 meters of depth!

There may be the several reasons for which you would like to purchase a perfect piece of Swiss Replica. Let us explain those to you.

It is almost impossible for all human beings on this planet to purchase an authentic Rolex piece due to the ridiculous price. You have an option to have the same feeling and fashion look by owning a perfect Replica Rolex piece from swissreplica.cd

Friends, family, fashion, and business all are the reasons for which you would like to own a Swiss replica Rolex. It can impact your business client as no everybody own and wear a Rolex. You can have this distinction.

You own an authentic piece already, and people around you knew it. Now you don’t want that piece to use roughly. Swissreplica.cd has an alternative for you. You can get the same Replica Piece as of original, and now you can use it in your daily life.

Our Swiss clone model is so perfect that nobody can tell a difference and can’t identify it as a fake. This is already an ultimate reason to go for a Swiss Replica Piece from our site. There are thousands of sites you can find online who sell replica watches, but they are not even close to our quality. Evan Japanese made replica watches can be identified so easily because they are mass produced. We work on each and every detail of our watch that makes it impossible to identify from outside and inside too.

They are not the same, and they can’t be. If you look at the low priced replica watch models all around the internet, you can spot them easily. There are many Asian versions that look extremely affordable, but they are low in quality. They often claim to have 27-jewel ETA replicas, but they are not because they don’t use Swiss ETA movement. Although they can be elevated in quality, but as they use the copy of Swiss ETA movement, they can’t be mentioned as Swiss Replicas. It is the fact that due to the cost of the Genuine Replica Rolex, you can’t find a piece under $900. Our built watches carry genuine ETA based cloned movement that costs alone $550(it starts from here and go up), after including other delicate materials like our 2 tone and gold models contain solid 18K gold wrap. It is not possible to sell it under $900.

Our highest quality line is the CLONED models which come with movements that look identical to a real Rolex movement. So when a jeweler opens up your CLONED model they will believe it’s an Original Rolex Movement. We have taken our 27 jewel Oris Updated ETA movement that is found in our grade 1 watches and modified them, so they look the same as a 3131, 3135, 3136, 3156, 3187 etc Rolex movements. They are 31 jewels, and the power reserve is between 42-72 hours. Everything is 100% real Swiss parts with full movement assembly done in Switzerland. These are high quality ETA movements used by Major Swiss Brands and they are built to last for decades.

They are all calibrated to operate within 3-5 seconds per day, so you are also guaranteed to get a perfectly working timepiece. For our Daytona models, ETA/Valjoux has recently stopped selling their Valjoux 7750 and 7753 automatic chronometer movements to non-original manufacturers. This has caused a massive demand for authentic Valjoux movements which reflects in our new pricing. The movement alone is selling for up to $800. So if you see a Daytona on the internet for under $1,400, please beware because you will be receiving an Asian replica. We at swissreplica.cd will only sell Real Swiss movements in our watches as have been doing for the last 24 years.

All our replicas that we produce are now sealed at the pressure of 10 bars (100 METERS) and 30 bars (300 METERS) for diver models), and we use additional gaskets to take it even to a further level. We tested them to 100 meters depth, and they are as wholesome as on the top. What makes it so solid other than the pressure factor? We use solid stainless steel construction which doesn’t allow salt water to get into the watch. We use scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass on the face of the watch that holds all the construction together tightly. That was for dress models. Our sports models are even waterproofed up to 300 meters.

A picture can express that cannot be expressed in thousand words. We recommend you check pictures of our watches because we didn’t copy them from anywhere. All these pictures are originally taken by our photographer of actual products. Furthermore, we assure you that fonts on the face of the watch are extremely sharp. Nobody can find any flaw in our perfect piece.

Our site is full of pictures as you are going to check all the Replica models from there. With the quality of pictures and our replica watches, it seems that these are pictures from the catalog of original Rolex site but these are not. All of them are true pictures of our product, and we have in-house professional photographer to complete these tasks. We are in the business more than two decades, and we guarantee you that all of the pictures as original (Swiss grade 1, and clones) as our watches. On the basis of such facts, we offer payment services like credit cards because we are confident in our services.

Our Swiss replica watches are superb products, and they are 100% superior to other available replica watches in the market. We are 99% exact to the real thing because we are not Rolex. It is a true that our Swiss replica watches are not exact Rolex, but they are 99% closer to the original. We use Swiss made parts in all our watches and all of them are hand crafted. This is the same as original Rolex. The only 1% difference is the test procedure. Our manufacturer has a different testing method and procedure which is less restrictive. There is no other difference than that.

It is difficult to predict that what someone else will tell you about your watch because people often doubt the original Rolex. We can guarantee you one thing that our Grade 1 Rolex and clones can be compared to any respective original watch. We assure you that if you disassemble the watch and try to sell all the parts (band, movement etc) separately, you will get double the money which you spent on our watch.

All stainless steel watches use the same steel as Rolex which is 904L and the highest quality of stainless steel found on any watch. The entire case, bracelet is made out of 100% pure 904L stainless steel so the watch will last forever without ever fading. Other sites use 316L, 316F, 440, etc which is not the same as original Rolex and doesn’t have the same glow, brightness, quality of 904L steel that is extremely crucial if you are looking for a perfect replica.

The new CLONED ALL Gold models now come with an impressive 12x Wrapping of 18K gold! This is 50% more gold than even the Grade 1 replica watches. 12x Wrapped watches can last for many years depending on how it is taken care of, how often it is worn if it’s subjected to salt water. We’ve had clients email us and tell us that their triple wrapped watches from the early 2000’s are still in excellent condition, and the gold still hasn’t faded, so there is no reason a 12x wrapped watch won’t last a lifetime! 12 layers of gold are wrapped around base metal and bonded together similar to DLC process which creates a lasting look and feel of a solid gold. Also in the worst case scenario your band started to fade a few years down the road, more often than not, it is the band that will go first, so there is always the option of purchasing just a band down the line which will cost you only $150 to $250 and bring your watch back to life. Considering that solid gold Rolex watches will cost you at least $40,000 to 90,0000 USD this is a terrific alternative.