904L Steel

Yes we use the Rolex Steel!

All our Swiss replica Rolex watches are being forged from solid 904L stainless steel that is the same steel used by Rolex.

904L steel is a super alloy that has perfect anti-corrosion properties it’s resistant to acids, salt and to a big range of harsh environments and is unfound in any other Rolex replica. When you by a Swiss Replica Rolex from us you are sure that you are getting a Swiss made watch with excellent anti-corrosion properties and waterproof construction as a genuine Rolex.

We use special tools and a huge press to cut the solid 904L steel since it’s harder to machine than other steels used in watches. 904L steel has a higher nickel discharge with higher resistance to rust, corrosion, and pitting resistance. Using 904L steel may look overkill for a replica watch but it’s just another small factor that makes our Swiss Rolex replica watches the best in the world.

Our advanced production techniques to construct our watches are identical to Rolex and so all our Rolex replica parts are interchangeable with genuine parts!

904L steel ensures that our Rolex replicas have the same perfect sheen when polished or satin brushed finish as a genuine Rolex.

Advanced Anti-Magnetic Construction

Magnetism is a big problem for watchmakers and today with the regular proximity of your mobile phone or tablet to your watch it becomes more crucial to protect the watch movement against the effects of magnetism. That is why we use the same ferromagnetic alloys as Rolex in the construction of the case and in key movement parts so your watch remains unaffected by magnetism. That is another key factor that makes our Rolex replica watches the only ones that can keep time accuracy within COSC certification limits.

904l Steel
904l Steel
904l Steel