Waterproof Rolex Replica Watches

Our Swiss Rolex Replica Watches are equipped with Swiss made Sea-Guard Sealants and double core silicone ”O” Rings. These are made from synthetic neoprene silicon which is far more resistant to cracking and corrosion that can be a problem with simple sealants made of natural rubber.

Most Rolex replicas on the market today are fitted with rubber sealants which offer poor water resistance. These also must to be replaced monthly to avoid moisture and dirt damaging the watch.

Our Swiss made sealant gaskets can go up to even 5 years without replace and still offer total protection. That is why we suggest a sealants replacement every five years and not annually that most of the genuine Swiss watch brands demand in order for your warranty to be valid.

Made for the Deep our new Rolex Sea-dwellers feature a full functional helium escape valve and are waterproof tested to 300 meters! The helium release valve ensures that the watch can withstand the changes in pressurization inherent in deep diving. The one-way valve integrated into the watch case activates when the differential between the inside and outside pressure reaches the level to allow helium trapped inside the case to escape. Chances are that you will never actually use this feature, unless you are a deep sea diver, but it there to complete the functional capabilities of this Swiss made professional replica watch.

All our watches are individually tested for water resistance performance to ensure the highest level of quality control.

We perform a standard dry test using Witschi Proofmaster and wet pressure test using Roxer Natator 125. All our watches are tested to 100 meters /330 feet of depth and up to 300 meters /1000 feet of depth for our dive watches.

We guarantee that your individual watch has been thoroughly tested prior to shipping. We perform pressure testing to ensure that all the sealant gaskets and assembly of your watch are watertight so you can enjoy swimming wearing your new Swiss Rolex replica watch!