“folks i had no idea

“folks i had no idea i’d be writing again this soon but i have to tell you what happen to me today … i got totally fooled by a Swissreplica watch today . i was over my surgeon’s assistants house today {he’s my best friend too} and he introduced me to his neighbor {ron} who had on a blue sub and i was wearing my two tone blue sub .well his just looked so darn real i had to see in my hand well i looked that watch over from stem to clasp and it even had the weight of a real sub .then ron fessed up and showed me the envelope it came in it was a Swissreplica replica that even fooled me!!!!!! now i have 6 replicas and i thought i knew how to tell a replica from a real one, so if this doesn’t speak volumes about the quality of these watches i don’t know what would . now excuse me while i go wipe this “egg off my face” bravo to Swissreplica …i love these guys”