“Hello everyone, I have been

“Hello everyone, I have been looking for an affordable Rolex for sometime now, but it just didn’t seem feasible to purchase one at this time. You can imagine my enthusiasm when I came across this website. I have read every testimonial from ecstatic patrons, and the praise of the craftsmanship/quality is astounding. My dilemma is not if to buy, but which to purchase. Does anyone own/know how the Clone and Grade 1 compare to each other. I am interested in the Submariner, but I am unsure whether to purchase the Clone or the Grade 1. How much better quality is the Clone? Is it extremely obvious? What about the water resistance of the Clone vs. Grade 1? The sweeping motion? the weight? the detail???? I welcome all advice, especially from those of you that have bought both versions. I am a little skeptical, but when I read your honest feedback it made me feel comfortable in my decision to purchase from this company. Please be as detailed and honest as possible when describing the difference between the Clone vs. Grade 1. Thank you in advance for your honest advice. I too look forward to owning a Swissreplica replica Rolex. THX”