“Here’s something that you guys

“Here’s something that you guys may not have thought to do with these watches. As a fine time piece collector I am against buying products strictly for the name. I would much rather buy the best I can afford. Now with that being said, people like me will love these watches since they can help make the decision easier when it comes time to buy a real one. I was undecided about which Daytona I wanted and before shelling out 25K for the real deal, my buddy ordered both of the daytonas I was looking at so I could try them both for a few weeks to decide which watch was right for me. I am glad we did!!! These watches are fantastic and to the non-collector/connoisseur there is no difference. I have had my real one next to my fake one and most people can’t tell which is the one I bought from here. Way to go, great product.”