“well fellow replica lovers just

“well fellow replica lovers just want to add one last post . i want to thank Swissreplica for allowing me to enjoy working my butt off to be able to purchase many different AWESOME looking and working Swiss replicas i started buying in April and everyone has worked flawlessly!!!!!! and fooled everyone i know even people who own real ones in fact the explorer i just got in fooled the guy who works next-door he asked me what Santa got me and i pulled out the explorer and put it right down next to his . the ONLY difference was he had a scratch on his crystal, unfreaking beliveable. i wish Swissreplica could use me as a spokesperson cause trust me i know 1st hand the horrors of ordering elsewhere. i hope that they add more styles soon as i can’t wait to order another … thanks again to Swissreplica you guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!”