“First Got to say I

“First Got to say I have loved Rolex watches since I was a Cop back in 1984. I saw the Blue/Gold Submariner back than and fell in love with it and Rolex!! I purchased a Rolex/Replica GMT Master 2 Blue&Red model, from Swissreplica .and have been VERY-IMPRESSED!! VERY!! The weight, Feel, Look, Dial Marking’s, bracelet, and Screws in the bracelet, Screw down crown and general fit and finish are exquisite. are all (TOP-NOTCH)!! The 24HR. hand even keeps GREAT 24hr. time! I was worried about that function. I thought it might be fake. I have been to the 2 fine jewelry stores in my town who carry Rolex and compared the EXACT model to mine, I even tried on the real one and it’s SO DAM CLOSE!! IT’S SCARRY!! I WILL TELL (ALL) THAT FOR THE MONEY, I don’t feel you are going to find a BETTER replica Rolex!!! You got to remember, this is a $1249.00 watch!! and the Rolex is over $13500.00…Thank-You Swissreplica replica, I can NOW afford a Rolex!!….As so many have said…I WILL BE BACK…Ron”