“Had to share this quick

“Had to share this quick story. I’ve had my Swiss Replica Submariner (blue/blue) for about 3 weeks now and I still sit and stare at it…it simply is beautiful, but that is not the story 🙂 Yesterday, I walked into my office and to my surprise, my boss handed me a AUTOMATIC ROLEX WINDER!!!! He heard from around the office that I had a new Rolex and hoped I didn’t have an automatic winder already. I wanted to pass out. I really wanted to tell him it was a replica that cost me $1199 and not $9,000, but now I don’t have the heart! He even tried it on and compared it to his presidential his father gave him years ago! Jeeze I feel so bad now. 🙁 OKAY, no I don’t, I’m buying the Presidential with Diamonds THIS THURSDAY!!!! 🙂 You just can’t make this stuff up! Mike PS. Does anyone have the Clone? If the regular model has fooled 2 Rolex owners already (taken off my wrist and given to them to inspect with CONFIDENCE!), what the HECK about the Clone????? MT”